A. General relativity (including modified theories of gravity)
A1. Analogue Gravity Experiments (Matt Visser NZ)
A4. Testing the Kerr nature of compact objects (Paolo Pani IT)
A6. Progress in analytical approximations (Rafael Porto BR)
B. Dark matter
B1. Searching dark matter & strong gravity (Asimina Arvanitaki CND)
C. Mathematical Relativity
C1. Mathematical progress in general relativity (Jonathan Luk US)
D. Relativistic Astrophysics (including Astronomy)
D2. The Event Horizon Telescope (Heino Falcke The Netherlands)
D3. Probing the Galactic centre black hole with stars (Andrea Ghez US)
E. Quantum Gravity (including String Theory)
E1. Loop Quantum Gravity (Abhay Ashtekar US)
E3. Insights from holography (Don Marolf US)
E4. Opportunities from Quantum Information (Mark Van Raamsdonk CND)
F. Cosmology
F4. Post-Planck Cosmology covering Outstanding Issues and Planned Experiments (Licia Verde SP)
G. History
Inauguration event on the 1919 eclipse experiment (Clifford Will US)
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