GWIC and ISGRG Awards

GWIC Thesis Prize and Stefano Braccini Thesis Prize for 2017 and 2018


Hector Okada da Silva (Thesis institution: University of Mississippi) for his thesis: “Compact Objects in Relativistic Theories of Gravity.”


Jonathan Cripe (Louisiana State University) for his thesis: “Broadband Measurement and Reduction of Quantum Radiation Pressure Noise in the Audio Band.”

The ISGRG Jürgen Ehlers Thesis Prize for 2019

Katerina Chatziioannou (Thesis institution: Montana State University) for her thesis: “Spin-Precessing Compact Binaries: Gravitational Wave Modeling and Information Extraction.”

The ISGRG Bergmann-Wheeler Thesis Prize for 2019

Adrian del Rio Vega (Thesis institution: University of Valencia) for his thesis: “Quantum aspects originated by gravitation: from cosmology to astrophysics.”

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